About CAFA

Enabling the mission and ministry of cathedrals through effective and efficient business management

CAFA was formed in the 1980s to encourage the sharing of best practice and excellent standards of administration and financial management within the 42 English Anglican Cathedrals and Westminster Abbey and St George’s Chapel Windsor. Over the years, its role has expanded and now includes all aspects of better equipping cathedrals to fulfil their mission, including:

  • liaising with the Church of England central bodies, in particular the Church Commissioners on accounting regulations for cathedrals;
  • liaising with government departments and agencies
  • liaising with national ecumenical bodies such as the Churches Legislation Advisory Service;
  • issuing guidance on issues affecting cathedrals’ administration and financial arrangements
  • organising an annual conference for those working in cathedral administration and finance functions to provide training, disseminate information and encourage the adoption of best practice, and also an opportunity for attendees to network;
  • organising regional meetings for those working in cathedral administration and finance functions to meet to exchange information and discuss matters of concern;
  • organising (where appropriate with other organisations) conferences to equip cathedral staff and volunteers better to fulfil their responsibilities in various aspects of cathedral work, including fundraising and volunteer management; and
  • working with the Association of English Cathedrals on issues concerning cathedral administration and finance operations.

CAFA’s activities are overseen by a Board of Directors (known as the Executive Committee) elected by the members to carry out the Association’s objects. The Board meets on three or four occasions each year to further the work of the Association.
CAFA undertakes tasks that can be done centrally to provide cost effective assistance for cathedrals, eliminating the need for work that would otherwise be carried out locally. CAFA benefits from the services of the Association of English Cathedral’s part-time Executive Director, part of whose role is to work with member cathedrals by encouraging networking, facilitating exchanges of information and issuing best practice guidance.

CAFA Executive